Incidence de la tuberculose dans le service de pneumologie du CHU du Point «G»

  • Boubacar Fassara Sissoko Service de Pneumologie CHU du Point G Bamako Mali BP 333 Bamako Mali
  • Kenya Guzmán Pileta
  • Yacouba Toloba
  • Dianguina Ouattara
  • Khadidia Soumaré
  • Delphin Coello Morales
  • Ibrahim Guindo
  • Gabriel Pascual
  • Souleymane Diallo
Mots-clés: Incidence, Tuberculose, Mal de Pott


We did aretrospective and descriptive studyto determinethe incidence oftuberculosis in patientsattendingthe pulmonology departmentof the University Teaching Hospital ofPoint"G"in Bamako,Mali between January and December2011.The study populationwascomposedof 704TB patientsall forms, with a sexratioof2 males(66 %) and 1 female(33 %). Sixty four patients (9%) were HIV positive. Extra-pulmonaryforms were most represented with59.6%. Among those, Pott's disease was the most represented with 26.9% followed bypleural andlymph node tuberculosis forms. Tuberculosis is aninfectious and contagious disease, which makes it apublic health concern at both individualand community levelespecially in this era of HIV/AIDS.
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